Monday, January 24, 2011

Tucker Nichols In Copenhagen

I'm in Copenhagen on the invitation of Jonn Herschend and Koh-i-nor, a Danish art collective,
for an exhibition at Den Frie Museum.

In Copenhagen all your needs are met

everything is made with intention

you will find astonishing sandwich spreads

and distinguished headwear

Den Frie is a special place

maybe the nicest galleries I've ever
been in

Of course, I chose to make work in the less glamorous parts
of the museum

Sometime I question these decisions

I was planning to do text pieces on all the windows
in the lobby of the museum.

but I had been making all these dot drawings back in SF and then I was
noticing how often you see dots in a grid here

maybe it's a lego thing.

They use dots to communicate things
in the subway without words.
Enter the train here.

this side for going up

haven't figured out what these ones meant yet

don't bump into the glass

eat this

So, I decided to make vague advertising messages
using colored dots.


going in

Stairs leading up to the kitchen

directors office

where they post press clippings

broadcasting dot messages as if they meant something

like it was urgent

as it turns out, to people in Copenhagen, this actually means
"keep christiania free", the nearby anti-establishment commune area
that has it's own government and laws

I'm going there tonight to understand
what I'm supporting

I also made this bulletin board piece
in the conference room

a map of sorts using the dots and grid

like a bulletin board at the university where people speak
this graphic language of dots and grids.

But, mostly it was an exercise
in futility of symbols, no matter
how many you put there.

I told the director it was an attempt to help
them with their future strategy and fund
raising plans

Someone put the floor cleaner in front
of it and I decided to leave it there

So Christiania is a magical land and it
was true what they said about the three

The upper label translates to "your opinions and
habits are protected"

even the handstamps for the jazz club is
in on it

Shhh, the older woman said as she drew the dot on
my hand promise not to tell anyone the code.

Update 2:
the next day at the state museum I run into
this security guard whose logo really confuses

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

These Are The People In Your Neighborhood

On THURSDAY January 20, 6-9pm, Gallery 16 will attempt the improbable.

In our left hand we will present a fantastic new exhibition of prints by artists Amy Ellingson, Stefan Kirkeby, Shaun O’Dell and Inez Storer. While those balls are in the air, our right hand will attempt the Worlds Largest Booksigning in the history of mankind!

On the evening of January 20th we will release the long awaited book,
These Are The People In Your Neighborhood. The book chronicles the seminal
years of Gallery 16’s innovative exhibition space and publishing program.
Over 70 artists are included and all are invited to participate in the book signing.
Scientists tell us this collection of talent in one location will create enough energy
to change liquid to gas.

Book Release:

These Are The People In Your Neighborhood chronicles the seminal years of
Gallery 16’s innovative exhibition space and publishing program in San
Francisco. The gallery was founded in the early nineties by artist Griff
Williams. At the time of the gallery’s founding, San Francisco was on the
verge of the dot com boom and the Bay Area was at the center of
technological innovation. At this nexus, Gallery 16 and its companion fine
art press Urban Digital Color began a remarkable and groundbreaking
project. The marriage of art and technology that defined the business
relationship between Gallery 16 and UDC also came to define a new and
pioneering concept in art funding.

The book includes essays by Maria Porges, Glen Helfand and Mark VanProyen.
Hardcover with 228 full color pages, the book features over 70 artists
including William Kentridge, Mark Grotjahn, Rex Ray, Xylor Jane, Arturo
Herrera, Jim Isermann, Michelle Grabner, Lynn Hershman Leeson, Deborah
Oropallo, Harrell Fletcher, Shaun O’Dell, Darren Waterston, Libby Black,
and many others.

For additional information, please contact Vanessa at Gallery 16,
415.626.7495 or email