Friday, February 11, 2011

We are not having any trouble in our department despite what you’ve heard

Here is a fantastic glimpse into our friend Jonn Herschend's film. It was made while in he and Tucker Nichols were in residency in Copenhagen.

"This piece was created for the exhibition entitled Koh-i-noor, in January of 2011 in Copenhagen. I was in the Copenhagen’s Artist in Residency (CPH AIR) program during this time and decided to create something that would change over the course of the exhibition. It became a site specific fiction, starting with an apology video (Part 1), which introduced the characters only through text, and then a performance in the space while we were shooting, and finally the promised video (Part 2)… see below for an excerpt.

The show’s theme involved chaos and I wanted this piece to appear to be a promotional video that Den Frie had commissioned. It needed to look and feel real. I also wanted it to be specifically for the Danish people who would come to see the show. So I began working with the translation as an element of further confusion in the guise of clarity."