Wednesday, October 9, 2013

San Francisco Chronicle reviews "Blickwinkel 2"

We'd like to congratulate Thomas on the recent review by Ken Baker in the San Francisco Chronicle.

Ken writes, "But that formalism, which surfaces in other ways elsewhere in the show, evokes an almost agnostic viewpoint, one seeking meaning as much in the chance criss-cross of ship and bridge, as in their familiar utility".

You can read the review in full here.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Thomas Heinser, Blickwinkel 2

Gallery 16 is excited to present Blickwinkel 2, a new body of work from photographer Thomas Heinser. Blickwinkel in Heinser's native German means Point of View. The project is a series of eighteen large-scale, aerial photographs. As the title suggests, these aerial views of our world persuade us to reflect more intently on the familiar. 

 He creates lush landscape photographs from great heights. The photos are shot around the world, and  are both beautiful and unnerving. His work is, by design, intended to create fresh vantage pint with which to view our environment.  His disorienting photographs depict roads, bridges and landscapes and airplane runways as abstract, flattened and painterly visions of world.  

Heinser is known for his aerial work or as her refers to them,“Überblicks”. His work investigates built environments and urban landscapes carved out of natural space. His photography often has a stark and graphic stillness that reflects his particular way of seeing and organizing the image. He searches for an honest, organized and uncomplicated viewpoint, “I do not need to alter the reality if I can find and capture it”.

“Blickwinkel” is Heinser’s second exhibition at Gallery 16. While the photographer is often engaged in producing multiple, ongoing bodies of work of various subject matter, aerial photography has been a leading fixture in his work for more than six years, with “Überblick” exhibited at Gallery 16 in 2011.

Thomas Heinser was raised in Dinslaken, Germany, and received his degree in Communication Arts from the FH School for Communications Design in Düsseldorf. He also attended classes at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf where Joseph Beuys was a professor. Thomas Heinser lives and works in the San Francisco Bay area.