Friday, December 9, 2011

In conversation: Benjamin Echeverria+ Laurie Reid with Lawrence Rinder

Art making and Collaboration: what things are, what they could be, what they are not.

“Our work stems from an intuitive process that extends, we hope, through the work to the viewing experience. The work does not exemplify, but rather embodies the emotional and psychological content inherent in a form of creativity that searches for and comes in contact with meaning through the creation of the work itself.”

Kenneth Baker's review of Laure Reid + Benjamin Echeverria's exhibition

Take a look at Kenneth Baker's review. The review raises many interesting questions about coherence, collaboration and a contemporary culture in general.

Benjamin Echeverria + Laurie Reid at G16

We opened with Laurie Reid and Benjamin Echeverria on November 11th for their collaborative project that is still currently on display. Here are some photos of the exhibition