Thursday, December 13, 2012

Gallery 16 in Miami

Gallery 16 took off to Miami this year for the Miami Project art fair. Here are a few snap shots we took along the way.

Gallery 16's booth at Miami Project. On view from left to right: Rex Ray, Deborah Oropallo, Rex Ray, Shaun O'dell, Shaun O'delll, Michelle Grabner, Jered Sprecher, Graham Gillmore, and Charles Linder

Not everyone enjoys the fairs...

Up close and personal with Charles Linder's "El Conrad"

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Charles Linder

Charles Linder; New Sculpture
August 10th - September 29th 2012

For his third solo exhibition at Gallery 16, Charles Linder presents a range of new sculpture which extend the artist's belief that art is a byproduct of a life well lived. Linder's art has long been the tangible remnant of his lifestyle.  For some, the merger of art and life is an intellectual process, more thought than action. John Cage famously said "Ideas are one thing and what happens is another." For Charles Linder, the integration of his life and his artwork is unconscious. He is an instigator of experiences. He uses poetry, punning, humor and a witty intelligence to make beautiful objects from cultural detritus. In this show we find hand made chandeliers, repurposed-objects, symbols of  Linder's interest in the sublime and the absurd. Each of the works in the show could be said to be typical of his work, while each is also unlike anything he's ever attempted before. If the role of the artist is Lightbringer, then Linder has surely arrived at a dark cave with fire and accelerants. 


                                         A video of installing "AJ's Spyder" in the gallery.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Charles Linder: Vespertine

An abridged online version of the new monograph published by G16 Editions -
Charles Linder: Vespertine. The book serves as a retrospective of images chronicling 20 years of artwork and inspirations by San Francisco artist Charles Linder. The 108 page hard bound book offers the viewer a glimpse into Linder's varied career as an artist, dealer, traveler, hunter, founder of Refusalon and Lincart. We can see where he trains his eye and the fortuitous moment where his life becomes artwork.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Tucker Nichols Rules Third Street

Tucker Nichols: Stockhouse
June 22nd - August 4th

Tucker Nichols rules San Francisco's Third Street this summer with both a solo show here
at Gallery 16 and a large-scale wallpaper installation commissioned by the SFMOMA! The commission is part of the Museum's Stage Presence .

The exhibition at Gallery 16, Stockhouse, takes the loose form of a warehouse or workshop. Tucker's project not only comments on an imagined studio practice, but also the reality of his relationship with Gallery 16. The wallpaper commissioned by SFMOMA is made up of 32 panels each 15 feet long. The design and production of the piece was created here at Gallery 16 and Urban Digital Color. This collaboration between the artist and our printmaking staff is a symbol of how Gallery 16 has straddled the line between creative workshop and contemporary gallery.

 Tucker wrote "The basic idea for this show was to build a sort of makeshift design studio where the SFMOMA commission could have been conceived and produced. (And, it’s largely true –all of the wallpaper for the commission was made here at Gallery 16.) I like the idea of a studio that makes unworkable patterns, preposterous designs that can’t do the one thing we ask of them. Some of these patterns might work as blankets or sweaters, but most of them were too broken before they even got a chance. " The show features bulletin boards overflowing with drawings, wall and window installations and a fleet of sandwich boards. Tucker has also transformed the window and walls facing Third Street with fantastic improvised wall drawings using paint and tape.


Saturday, June 2, 2012

Alex Zecca injects diversity into optical marvels

By Kenneth Baker, San Francisco Chronicle

Alex Zecca has long worked with such methodical consistency that I go to each new exhibition of his expecting to see more of the same. But he has not yet failed to surprise.
Zecca's show at Gallery 16 plays fresh variations on his familiar practice of accumulating ruled, colored lines - into the thousands per piece - so that their crossing at angles generates inevitable but undesigned optical marvels.
You move around certain of Zecca's new works on paper expecting flickers of iridescence, so keenly do they recall the powdery luminosity of a butterfly wing or exotic plumage. But Zecca's patterns reassert their flatness from every viewing angle.
New examples in enamel on prepared linen lend additional body to the lines' hues, deepening and extending their optical effects. These pieces amplify familiar, though still inadvertent, echoes of American Indian textiles and even, in "Line Painting 7" (2012), of the poured color fields of Morris Louis (1912-1962).
You cannot look at many of Zecca's drawings without wondering what he does with those that inevitably go awry, either through aesthetic failure or by an accident such as a spill or tear. In a new series of wall-mounted collages, we may have the answer.
These pieces display more overt variety than Zecca's intact works on paper or canvas. But they all consist of wedges of ink-striated paper plainly suggesting slices of drawings spoiled, abandoned or no longer loved.
Looking like Art Deco explosions, Futurist heraldry or the brainstorms of a mad jewelry designer, the wall collages shatter the abstraction of Zecca's familiar work, letting in humor and new associations and compositional flair.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Alice Shaw, Landscape Update

Take a look at Art Practical's review of Alice's show

Alice Shaw's Landscape Update at Gallery 16.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Carol Selter's Animal Stories

Make sure you see our current exhibition, Animal Stories, with artist Carol Selter, on view till February 29th.

"I felt I was making symbolic reparations for wrongs done to animals by humans.
I wanted to make classical wildlife pictures—but of dead, preserved subjects—to suggest that it's time to attend to our nonhuman companions before specimens are all that remain"