Thursday, February 7, 2013

Gallery 16 celebrates 20 years!

Friends, I want to take a moment at the beginning of our 20th year to thank everyone for their continued support! I feel very fortunate to be able to champion the amazing artists who we present, without your involvement this would not be possible. In celebration of our anniversary the talented folks at McFadden + Thorpe have given a fresh update to our identity system and website, changes to be launched soon!

To honor our 20th year (1993-2013), we are embarking on a year-long program of conversations with artists, thinkers, organizers, agitators, and writers. The G16 20th Anniversary Conversation series will present significant members of the arts community who have inspired us over the years. We will share these conversations on a monthly basis throughout 2013. Some of this programming will take place before an audience at G16 or venues around the bay area. Some will be video or transcribed conversations viewable online.

Our upcoming monthly 20th Anniversary Conversation Series will include among many others:
Ann Hatch, Jim Melchert, Jonn Herschend, Lynn Hershman, Graham Gillmore, Richard Barnes, Michelle Grabner
We begin by directing you to an online video of a conversation with famed poet Bill Berkson, writer and curator Renny Pritikin, and painter Martin McMurray. The event was held at Gallery 16, San Francisco in November 2012.

Martin McMurray, Bill Berkson and Renny Pritikin at Gallery 16

Along with a video of legendary musician John Doe performing at Gallery 16 in January 2013.

John Doe at Gallery 16

G16 regularly hosts live music, artist talks, and public events designed to engage the San Francisco art community. I believe the role of the art gallery has gone through radical changes in recent years, but its value as a gathering place where people can meet each other and discuss interesting, often subversive ideas is still reason enough to exist. We work hard to get folks out to attend our stellar exhibitions and events and yet some still fail to show. Often sited excuses for not attending G16 events include;

Sick kid
Traffic is insane from the east bay
I hurt myself bowling
I teach on Thursday evenings
I mistakenly came last Thursday and you were closed
We had a pet emergency

Let's make a pledge not to reuse these in 2013!

Hope to see you all here!

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